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ntemata is a word derived from the Samburu community in the North-Eastern parts of Kenya to mean assess. It is a product of Firefly Edtech Solutions that seeks to support schools in assessing their performance. It is an assessment tool for learning institutions.

Our team at ntemata are committed to helping every school assess their academic progress for all their learners. We work closely with your school administrators, teachers and learners to understand the unique challenges you face and recommend the best way of achieving your goals.

That’s why we are ntemata –we commit to making your assessments hustle free!

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“Managing a school is not an easy task. Staying up-to date is a key to success, and you need a trusted friend to help you with that. ntemata is an amazing management platform that will help you from the get-go.”

Geneva Dean, VP edu-tech

Rethink the cost of assessing teacher performance in your Schools.

When you expect more from your teacher’s performance, their assessment methods in the classrooms and look for what’s best in enhancing teacher – learner performance, ntemata is the clear winner over other options. Talk to your ntemata representative to find out more about the Total Cost of Ownership of ntemata for your school.

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